Idiocy-Do: The Way of the Wisdom

A lot of time has passed from the born of the Tuly Idiot expression… In that time, we evolved from a fun joke made from a typing error to a school of thinking… OR NOT.

Why am I proud of being a Tuly Idiot?
The origin of the Club was the assumption of someone in a forum who said all of us were self-proclaimed gurus. I’ve never been that thing. I’m a permanent newbie, and I’m proud of it.

Once you assume your idiocy, you have nothing than an empty brain to continue your learning path. The Tao of the Idiot: Socrates moved to the 21st century. Any idea must be watched as a new chance to learn something. Mistakes included. You cannot know when a mistake will lead you to a truth.

I wish the spirit of the Tuly Idiots will be something like that. Get ride of all that “we are better than you” attitude, and put our soul in a full-learning mode.


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