Evolution needed?

Those days, few developing forums (fora, forae? wink) I’m visiting are having interesting discussions about coding.

All of them have someone who is used to develop in certain way, or using determined methods/objects/functions… the argument is easy: I’m used to do that way, it works, and works fine… why must I change?

Do we must?
Would be a nice question to think about… Learned ways are always faster to code/test, because are automated processes in our brains. They have been proved useful, they work and are tested and verified.

On the other side, changing our way to do some things in a frequent basis makes our brains to become more flexible, adaptive and (I believe) faster when time to understand/learn new things arrive.

I’ve seen a renowned programmer posting few samples with old-style sentences. I asked him about the use of those syntax, and the answer is almost the unique: it works. There are other secondary arguments, but none of them are exclusive of the old syntax… it’s just a matter of use, and a matter of commodity… those programs work, and if I must re-write them using the new syntax, it will take a bit of time, and the program will growth in size. It worths the effort?

(maybe) Not for that guy. And (maybe) not for me (because I’m a lazy guy who already knows the proper new syntax). But when all those newbies read and copy those programs, they are acquiring that old syntax as “the best ways” and uses.

If someday I become a renowned coder, I wish I’ll can remember this thought and be more flexible when someone will question my work methods.


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