Where are the nice threads?

Yesterday I was using the search button in sapfans.com trying to find a new approach to a problem I had about SAP (of course), and found two nice threads I loved to read:

Ilya – Updating in update task
Rich – Call Function … Starting New Task

But I’m not talking about the quality of those threads, really.

Yes, I know they are both members of the Club, but this fact doesn’t care. The important thing here is the quality of both threads. Both have nice questions, with a good exposure of the question, followed by some nice contributions showing how experienced people could help anyone who shows a bit of effort.

I’m a member of sapfans from almost three years ago, and must say I don’t remember a single post with the quality of those two linked. It’s sad to see how each new wave of users there (and sadly, in all SAP communities I’m involved) are more lazy and less educated than the previous one.

I left communities like the SDN because reasons like that, people posting dumbass questions without the small effort of use the search button before, or just pressing the F1 key. I will not be worried about that, because the less competent will be my colleagues, the more chances I will have to keep my work safe, but I cannot stop thinking where the hell the SAP community will go. Just a bunch of (not tuly) idiot lazy leechers.

Places like sapfans and sapsuperusers are intended to share knowledge and to solve problems, but those morons think we are there to share OUR knowledge and to solve THEIR problems.


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