Sharing information places: the evil inside

Who has never contibuted to one of those sites created to share information? I suppose that all Tuly Idiots did, because our Club was born in one of them.

They are places where people contributes with smart questions and useful answers with the whole purpose of make others’ lives (and works) easier.

But what can you find there?

Human beings hidden rear nicknames. Nothing else.

Some of those nicks point to people who share their experience/knowledge (and their time) because they had the same opportunities in the past, or just because they feel good helping other people. The best, but the less.

Then you can find those dumbasses who care a shit about others’ efforts; those who think the world moves around their empty heads, and people are just those persons who are there to make their lives easier. Those people use to enter those sharing sites, and blatantly, without make any effort to find the answer by themselves, just post their questions waiting for easy and free answers. Sometimes in rude manners or urging the collaborators because they are in a (personal and subjective) hurry. Lazy Leechers.

Or those who converted all their collaborations into personal merits, using those sites as a personal career launchers (“yes, I’m the same NickName of SharingSite, the acclaimed guru of ChoseYourWork”), or a therapy places (“I’m feeling depressed, but showing you how better I am than you, things seem better”).
People who use their post number as a social status indicator (“Hey noob! I’ve posted 13000 useless posts here, and you only a single useful one. Bow and kneel in front of me!”).

(and those trolls, but I will not feed them here)

They are not the only kinds of people you can find there, and you can see people who are a re-mix of more than one of those “cattegories”.

We know that not everybody can (or want to) share his knowledge for free, and we know that not everybody can (or want to) develop any effort to get solutions. And the sharing information sites must fight and/or be used to find those morons around.

The appropiate question when we face a new sharing information site must be
“To filter those dumb-asses worth the effort?”. I left some communities because the level of their leechers surpased by long the quality of their valuable members, and each time I felt sad about it.

I am a poor contributor tho sharing information sites because my lack of experience, communication skills and/or available free time, but at least I try to not become a ballast (burden?) there.

I think I will keep my beard just into those two places I’ve found with those (shared) competent colleagues, and forget the rest, because each time I leave a sharing site I’ve become a bit more cynical and depressed.


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