More about forums’ culture: be careful, dumbass!

Few days ago (maybe only two, but time lasts longer if you are working) we had a guy at the SAPFans forum who made few mistakes posting a little advertising there:
– He didn’t read the basic rules of the site
– He didn’t choose the appropiate forum to his message
– He multi-posted his advertising message through few boards there
– He used big coloured bold letters to make our eyes ask for aeuthanasia

Of course, the General Discussion regulars made fun about his post (as we do about any post, serious or not… it’s the way SF’s GD works today), and the guy claimed for peace (ironnically, maybe… I’m not much versed in English to notice it sometimes).

Today we’ve awake with few new weird posts there. Those posts were:
– Rude
– Sex related (in an offensive way, not the ones we like)
– Using caps (considered shouting in forums’ culture)
– attacks to regulars and to the moderators’ team (well, we all love to slap moderators sooner or later :P)

I can admit some people has childish reactions when slapped, although those funny answers were all but offensive. I can admit that childish reactions could come from (supposedly) mature professionals. The thing I cannot admit is the lack of technical intelligence from those childish professionals (much less if they are IT related ones).

Don’t be silly, your IP address is stored in a forum’s database when you send it a message (for security purposes, or for preventing jerks or anonymous attacks).

And, continuing with this little tech’s lesson: your IP doesn’t change normally. In Spain we have no fixed IP addresses if we don’t pay per them, but although it, if our ISP’s IP server is not overloaded, one can keep his IP address for months (and forever if you don’t cut your connection).

Going further: your IP address can be tracked in a major or minor way. The least thing ANYONE can get from an unknown IP sender is his Internet Solution Provider (and they use to store who connected from its IP addresses each time they stablish a connection). If it’s a fixed IP, its owner can be found too. The Big Brother watches you, mate.

And what all this crap post means?

It means: “if you are enough childish to send trollish messages to a forum or a mail address* DON’T DO IT FROM WORK, dumbass!!”

* Yes, mail servers store the sender’s IP too (it helps for phishing prevention, for example)

Being not sure if I can publish information about the dumbass who posted all that crap to SAPFans, I will not say nothing about him/her. I’m sure if you are a GD regular or the fucking dumbass, you know who I am talking about, smarty 8)


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