The Slowciraptor

An archeological excavation made this Sunday in the Montseny Natural Park has found a claw from an extinct (obviously) dinosaur. The dinosaur has been called Slowraptor Montsenionensis, or simply slowraptor.

Although the scientifics have only find a single claw of those Dromaeosauridae, and although the majority of that excavation’s people considered it a fake claw and call it

Just a simple stone that has a remote resemblance with a claw

, it has been established few things about the slowciraptor way of life.

The first one is that, although it had the formidable claw, the slowciraptor was not a phisical violent hunter. Basically, it killed its preys by leading them to die by boring, and it only ate it’s preys head and will.

Some people say that you can yet find slowciraptors in our days, to be precise in the Fields of Politics and Culture, but it’s just an urban legend. They are very few chances to find any dinosaur in those fields, because they are scientific studies that prove that they had brains.


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