328 rows to go…

Maybe you have used sometime the wonderful SFMDR (SAP Function Module Documentation Repository) from Richard Harper (his friends call him “Rich”… both).
When he launched the idea, I was one of the first SAPFans to jump over the wagon to help him with its translations…

But time passed, and my translation files never reached destiny… or maybe one of them (I cannot remember how many files Rich sent to us to be translated, now you just need to download one for the whole site.

Few days ago, I decided to finish what I’ve started (with Rich’s repository) and being not able to download the Spanish file, I decided to translate the site to my mother language: Catalan (booof, some day maybe I’ll talk about Catalonia, but not now… nor today).

The file is larger than the first one (of course), and is full of large and complicated rows with embedded html… maybe if I would know it before download it, I’ll never ask for it and forced my brain to forget the whole thing.

But hey! 328 rows and the translation will be complete! Then I’ll ask Rich to send me a file for Spanish translation, or will do by myself a Catalan->Spanish translation and ask (politely) Rich to upload it manually.

It seems this time I’ll be able to finish it… wish me luck πŸ™‚

(BTW the fact I’m writing these lines show how much encouraged I’m with the task 😦 )

Update: 165 rows to go… sadly, the hardest ones to translate, because their lenght and the amount of html on them 😦

Update: around 140 rows to go… half the hard ones have been translated… it seems I will be able to finish before the next year! πŸ˜›

Final Update: the job is done, now we are fighting the upload screen, because it hates me 😦


2 thoughts on “328 rows to go…

  1. Well, Vic did finish the job and then got hung up by the upload program, which works locally…..Hmmmm.

    I have the spanish file, but unfortunately I have not had much time to do anything with it yet. I think I will upload this one manually and then try and get the main upload page working properly…

    But Vic. Thanks very much for your efforts!

    The next thing I need to write is a download program to capture SAP documentation…..

  2. just upload it, and fix the page when you want πŸ™‚

    but it’s the Catalan file, not the Spanish one!

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