SAPFans Fun Sample

This time, Sandi Wright is providing us with few pearls of genie about SAP acronyms. I thought they cannot be lost, and (wishing she will allow me to keep those posts here) I decided to copy them here.
I will try to keep them updated, shame on me if you don’t like ’em. In any case, you can find them here

Hmm, having the customer’s donkey doesn’t sound much fun, unless you’ve got a lot of gorse to keep trimmed.

How about ABAP removed SAP Edition – A.R.S.E .
Without ABAP the customer swill have to just damned well put up with it however it is installed, and they can’t ram new functions in the A.R.S.E. It’s the Keep It Simple Solution so they can K.I.S.S my A.R.S.E from the very beginning.
Of course without ABAP A.R.S.E may be subject to some problems which withoutquick code fixes could cause dumps. Dumps from A.R.S.E will require considerable paperwork, and a system flush.

Being unable to modify ARSE has left vulnerable to intrusion, so our engineers have developed the Knowledge Integrated Cryptographic Key Suite. KICK-ARSE will give you the same security of feeling as employing Chuck Norris.

For the Netweaver guys, we hasten to say you have not been forgotten. Web apps and programming needs have been addressed through the new added on designed especially for you. Web Handling Object Oriented Publishing has bolt of features you will love. Just open up WHOOP-ARSE and show the customer that you mean business.

Of course the Auditors are keen to ensure that can head their heads around an in your ARSE system. We know that audit is a look, but don’t change anything, mode of operation. They need to drill deep into ARSE without a negative system response. We’ve got just the tool for them, the Professional Read Only Business Examiner will let auditors get stuck in. ARSE-PROBE is quick, slick and relatively painless. Most accountants won’t even know the audito has been looking up their fundamentals.

We are commited to business improvement, and if your ARSE has more needs we will try to fill them for you.

And now from the big guns at ARSE New Add-ons Limited we proudly present the latest weapons in war on bad design. From the lowly pleb to the head honcho, we’ve got you in our sights.

From the team at ARSENAL comes the all new interface for the end user. Yes the ESS community asked for it and we at ARSENAL created it – Web Interactive Personal Edition. Now you can give your End User the ARSE-WIPE.

Of course ARSE is totally scalable, if you’re a big player in the business world you are going to need a big ARSE implementation. For the CEO with everything there is Leadership And Remuneration Diviner. LARD-ARSE will keep the fat cats happy and enable them to justify their bonuses.

From mike_ac:

And, if you need consulting, you can call on Willing Independent Personnel Expertise. The ARSE-WIPEs can keep things afloat when it feels like all is about to go down the drain.

From billi_sd

To support the Business Warehouse needs of ARSE, Sphincter Enterprises has created the Holistic Overview Logistics Environment HOLE. HOLE pulls data out of ARSE and dumps it into a multidimensional reporting environment. The ARSE-HOLE represents the transformation, consolidation, and cleanup.

The afore-mentioned ARSE-PROBE can also be used in the ARSE_HOLE, thereby not negatively affecting performance of the main ARSE system.

Open Analysis Interfaces make various interfaces available for connecting front-end tools from third-party providers into HOLE (this sentence taken almost completely verbatim from SAP’s BW online help)

Again from sandi

ARSENAL announce the release of the IS add-on for Hospitality Or Tourism.
HOT ARSE will help you manage all the attention your tour packages attract.

For the Library sector we have a new issue too, Totally Integrated Titles Suite means that TITS ands ARSE will be beadily available to all your readers. The system comes with a privacy filter so that customers can be assured of discretion.

Building And New Development Infrastructure Technologies, is a new player to the market. ARSE-BANDIT will change they way you approach new IT experiences. If your back is against the wall ARSE-BANDIT will make life seem as if it were fairyland.


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