The Google’d ABAP questions

Humm… this post could be a good one or the worst ever, I don’t know, but it would be fun to try it. The goal of this post will be try to find an answer or post information about any search from Google that leaded someone to this blog. It seems some people thinks that a blog called “The Tuly Idiot’s Club” could have useful SAP information, what a shame!

First of all: take a look at the links section (you can find it at the left or at the right of the main page… it changes each time I change this blog’s theme :P). You will find Rich’s ABAP Knowledge Corner and Ilya’s ABAP log and FAQs. Both are way better than this freaky place for ABAP purposes.

Let’s start:

“batch input”
– you can find something about Batch Inputs here (although I want to prevent everybody versus the use of Batch Inputs when able)

– bdcmsgcoll is the data type of the message table of a CALL TRANSACTION’s return

– this function module gets the message table from a batch input (in fact, from a CALL TRANSACTION sentence) and returns a typical BAPIRET2 table (returns from BAPI). You can find a sample of its using here

– don’t try to find good information about it here. Check SAPFans.

“vk11” “sapmv13a”
– I have no clue about VK11 (create condition records), try to find a functional
– sapmv13a seems to be the report of that transaction code, I did not checked it

– don’t try to find it here, it’s just a flame about another function module. Check SAPFans search utility.

– In SAPFans we had a good discussion about its use. The summary is here.

“Function Modules”
– take a look to Rich’s

“Queries, QuickViews, InfoSets”
– I did some work about it. Look it here

– How to send mails with attachments here
– A simple mail sending function here

“File type”
– try to look F1 for Function Module SPLIT_FILENAME


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