Tracking ABAP objects…

I had to give up my search… maybe I’ll be able to finish it or find the answer into the net someday. Until them, I’ll let you read my (lack of?) progress.

I need to find some cross references of ABAP objects (Includes, FMs, Reports…), and I want not to do it manually (they are a lot of them!). I tried to find help around, and at last, I found this ABAP command:


It can be the solution of my problem. If it is, I will continue explaining how to manage it.

Update: It’s not the solution to my problem, because I cannot “debug” ABAP sentences. Anyways, I found a function module called RPY_PROGRAM_READ. It will help me to find up-to-down relations (program->include).
But I still need a down-to-up method. Still working.

Update: The table D010INC contains the relations between main programs and includes. It will work with “normal” ABAP programs, but I will need to go deeper. Includes for user exits (for example) are called by function modules, not programs. And from those modules I need to find the programs/transactions that call them. I will check the worldwide used program FIND*USER*EXIT* to get a hint, if able.
Keep connected.

Update: it’s too late for my brain. I will continue tomorrow. Hints: D010INC -> TADIR (fugs/fugr)

To make up-to-down searches: RPY_PROGRAM_READ
To make down-to-up searches:
– D010INC: relations between includes and main programs
– TADIR to know the main program’s type (warning! If the main program is a function group, the program will be named SAPLname, and you’ll not find it in TADIR, but as name (D010INC-MASTER+4) you’ll do.
– Make recursive searches using RPY_PROGRAM_READ->D010INC->TADIR, looking for keywords like ‘SUBMIT’, ‘CALL FUNCTION’, ‘CALL TRANSACTION’, ‘INCLUDE’.

Good luck, and remember: if you have/find a solution (or a written program), gimme!gimme!


3 thoughts on “Tracking ABAP objects…

  1. I found this function because i found your question ihteresting and i tried to debug SE80 transaction…..

    I have another module function to find where-used list for include :


    Good luck !

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