I’m stuck with the old tricks (posted in SAPFans)

I’m almost six years old here. And I’m starting to feel I can do my work with the same knowledge I had when I started to develop in ABAP. It’s not about compatibility, it’s about evolution. If I didn’t need to learn new tricks to continue doing my work, it means ABAP is optimized? I don’t think so.

What does it mean, then?
It means two things (or more): I will be able to continue being an ABAPer without any kind of effort (wow!) and I will be able to continue using unoptimized techniques (ouch!). The quality of my work relies absolutely over my will. And I don’t have will (not time) enough to seek new ways to do old things. From time to time a question here raises an answer that shows me a new way, that I try to append to my developing “tools”, but no more.

I’m still working with programs which use of unoptimized (and weird) coding makes my worktime a hell. The code works, of course (more or less), but each change I must do takes too much time because the use of things like “OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE” or “TABLES:”. And I don’t have enough time (nor my boss wants me to invest time on it) to fix/upgrade/optimize those old sentences.

I’m still finding (from time to time) old-school coders (doh! how many people will call me “old-school coder” now?) who still use sentences like the ones I said you. Why? Because they don’t need to evolve. It’s their fault or SAP’s? Am I the only one who feels sad because that? Or maybe all you had enough will/time/luck to be able to evolve your programs (and your skills) to use optimized calls?

Doh, I’m still trying to find time to test my old objects skills with ABAP :cry:

More Doh’es… I just had some kind of dejà vu (matrix error?) when thinking about to post this post in the TI blog, and though “I though it before”. And I was right. I wrote about this kind of things there: Evolution needed?
I think I failed miserably trying to evolve myself. But it’s not just my fault only. I think someone in Walldorf shall start to remove some sentences/adds from ABAP, before we’ll be too used to use them.

Or not?


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