The Pomodoro Technique(TM)

I’m a confused mind. It’s something natural being a chimp, but it doesn’t help too much to my productivity. When I’m feeling “unfocused” or too tired to continue with my current task, I find easy ways to rest my mind. Sadly, personal situations affect my worktime (as they do to everyone but robots and jedi knights), and when I’m tired my rest times tend to space themselves shorter (more rests, less work… it hurts… to my work).Because that, I tried to get a way to stand focused on my work. Googlin’ a bit, I found “The Pomodoro Technique(TM)” .

The main principle is easy: cut your work in 25 minutes’ pieces, and do them. I’m sure it has a lot of good advices to focus on your work and those kind of things, but I’m too lazy to start to read them, being honest. But there’s a principle I found interesting: space my rests in a fixed pattern.

I find a counter (a nice tool developed in AIR) and installed just to get it a try.

It works wonders!

Not because I can focus on my work and fulfill all my planning, but because when I’m tired, I look at the counter and think something like “doh… three more minutes… ok, let’s continue until the clock reaches zero”. And better: when the counter reaches zero, most times I just restart it without “use” my rest minutes, just because I’m focused on my duty.

Give it a try, what will be the worse you shall waste… twenty-five minutes?

My five minutes have passed… good luck.


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