Variants’ function modules

Just a few, because I want not to forget it…

– RS_ALL_VARIANTS_4_1_REPORT: providing the name of the report (sy-repid), and just by putting ‘*’ in the TEXT parameter, you will get a table with all the variants of the program.

– RS_VARIANT_CATALOG: (online only?) by providing a program’s name, the system will show a pop-up window with the variants’ list of the program. The user can select one of them, who will be returned in the exporting parameters.

– RS_VARIANT_CONTENTS: just tell this beauty the program and its variant’s name, and it will give you a VALUTAB table parameter with its variable contents.

Queries about queries (pun intended)

Sometimes shit happens. One receives a work request that seems idiotically simple but the tools provided by the system makes it a living hell.

Something like that happened me these days, because the way someone planned the queries system in SAP.

Because that, I decided to write my troubles and their solutions here, to keep track of them and to have a place to go where I’ll need to manage queries again.

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