Looking for a new smile

I saw “our” tuly smiley used in few non-Tuly forums, and I saw it in a more simple version I hated at sight.

I decided to waste few time trying to update our mad gif… It’s just a sketch, I’ll ask a professional designer to take an eye at it, but I want to share it with you now 🙂

Edition: some people at SF said it’s a bit big to fit it


328 rows to go…

Maybe you have used sometime the wonderful SFMDR (SAP Function Module Documentation Repository) from Richard Harper (his friends call him “Rich”… both).
When he launched the idea, I was one of the first SAPFans to jump over the wagon to help him with its translations…
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The true history about the origin of the Tuly Idiots

A lot of people asks in SAPFans what Tuly Idiot means… And here it comes, recompiled for your viewing pleasure, the re-visited edition of the Tuly Idiots Club’s History. The origins of a legend. The starting point of the first club that will not ask for your cash (yet). The initiation of a group of brains who will rule the world (their own one) some day (if their wife’s allow them, of course). Continue reading