Looking for a new smile

I saw “our” tuly smiley used in few non-Tuly forums, and I saw it in a more simple version I hated at sight.

I decided to waste few time trying to update our mad gif… It’s just a sketch, I’ll ask a professional designer to take an eye at it, but I want to share it with you now 🙂

Edition: some people at SF said it’s a bit big to fit it


The true history about the origin of the Tuly Idiots

A lot of people asks in SAPFans what Tuly Idiot means… And here it comes, recompiled for your viewing pleasure, the re-visited edition of the Tuly Idiots Club’s History. The origins of a legend. The starting point of the first club that will not ask for your cash (yet). The initiation of a group of brains who will rule the world (their own one) some day (if their wife’s allow them, of course). Continue reading