Rant: Learn how to use Module-pools!

Why some self-called ‘developers’ create module-pools if they don’t understand the whole concept of them? Where’s the sense of create a module-pool for each action of the same concept? Why must I find a module-pool for create data, another one for display it, and a third one to delete them? Where did those self-called ‘developers’ learn about the module-pool thing?


Maybe I’m the one who’s wrong, but I ever supposed a module-pool is a bunch of code pieces and screens, that, under the same concept, allow the easy maintenance of a business concept’s actions. I mean, if I must maintain the object Ob, I will create a SINGLE module-pool, with enough code pieces (modules) and screens to be able to maintain all the Ob’s properties. I will save time and space if I can use a single screen and block and/or hide its useless items when they are not needed…

Then I’ll decide if I want a single transaction or more of them, calling the proper screen, who will block by itself its parts what will not be used by the calling transaction. It will save time and space, and, better than this, will make my life easier when the users will ask me to modify the screen. Think about it: I will to modify ONE screen, when all those self-called ‘developers’ will must to modify three or more.


Why people cannot (or want not) learn the advantages of a tool before to use it?