Queries about queries (pun intended)

Sometimes shit happens. One receives a work request that seems idiotically simple but the tools provided by the system makes it a living hell.

Something like that happened me these days, because the way someone planned the queries system in SAP.

Because that, I decided to write my troubles and their solutions here, to keep track of them and to have a place to go where I’ll need to manage queries again.

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The Google’d ABAP questions

Humm… this post could be a good one or the worst ever, I don’t know, but it would be fun to try it. The goal of this post will be try to find an answer or post information about any search from Google that leaded someone to this blog. It seems some people thinks that a blog called “The Tuly Idiot’s Club” could have useful SAP information, what a shame!

First of all: take a look at the links section (you can find it at the left or at the right of the main page… it changes each time I change this blog’s theme :P). You will find Rich’s ABAP Knowledge Corner and Ilya’s ABAP log and FAQs. Both are way better than this freaky place for ABAP purposes.

Let’s start:

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Don’t work with attachments if you hate to waste time

I spent all the fucking morning finding relations between around 20 tables, 30 function modules and around 30 programs (with their transaction codes).

I did all the job using a spreadsheet I uploaded into our documental server (I will not tell the brand nor the software).

Do you know the idiotic face someone has after return to work and see all this work disappeared? Just because (maybe) someone pressed the wrong button?

For Pete’s Sake! (hey doc) I’ll never again will work with attachments if able. Will be better and safer to work in local and upload the changes manually each time.