The true story about the Tuly Idiots

A lot of people asks in SAPFans what Tuly Idiot means… And here it comes, recompiled for your viewing pleasure, the re-visited edition of the Tuly Idiots Club’s History. The origins of a legend. The starting point of the first club that will not ask for your cash (yet). The initiation of a group of brains who will rule the world (their own one) some day (if their wife’s allow them, of course).

In the origin only was the Chaos. Well, the chaos and the “phpBB: could not connect to database” error.
Then, all matter in the pre-universe condensed in a small point (smaller than your ‘ESC’ key) and reached a critical mass, causing what the scientists call “The Big Bang”. The real “bang” was more a “pffft” than a “bang!” but we will not discuss it here.

Err… I was falling out of topic…

The True History About The Origin Of The Tuly Idiots

Few months ago, in a site far, far away…

It’s early Feb 2005, The Site had some kind
of leecher’s invasion in the SAPFans ABAP forum.

A lot of freshers started to post their specs and
some doubts abled to be solved by a blind monkey with a F1 button.
The ragemeter was raising its scores, until some guy/girl
called Patil posts his/her specs.
I must admit, I am one of the guys who jumps to his/her neck…

historical link:
How to write ABAP Code for follwing specs

Few hours after the carnage, sfvenkitu posted in the ABAP forum a personal crusade versus leecherflamers:
What’s wrong with Questions from New users

If you read it, you will notice it’s locked by our personal sleeper…


Originally Posted by Snowy

again, this is the wrong forum. use the general discussions forum.

and please do not start a new topic after I locked the previous one.


He followed Snowy’s wise words, and started a new topic, but this time in the right(?) forum: the General Discussion.
That post was lost in the GD crash of march 2005 (some of the olders SAPFans’ members can remember it), but the spirit remains with us.

The linked post is sweet and peaceful compared with sfvenkitu’s counterstrike. The core of the problem is the mistake from some people saying the indian people and the pakistan people were the main leechers, and sfvenkitu (o my god, why this guy did not used a “normal” nick?) tried to raise the flag of human rights versus these supposed racists. Words were raising the limit of aggression until The Big Words. Our prophet, sfvenkitu posted “the last post” about the question with “the last phrase”:


Originally Posted by sfvenkitu

Self-proclaimed gurus are only tuly idiots.

Some historians believe he/she was trying to write truly, but the fire of the truth was possessing his fingers and missed the doomed “r” key. The flaming continued (of course, when us, the tuly vultures smell blood, continue torturing the victim until he is anything else a pile of bones), but “the last phrase” got its consequences…

The Beginning:
Some of us got that phrase and saw the light: we are Tuly Idiots. The Mighty Two (abap_doctor and Rich) started the Crusade of the Initiation and created the Tuly Idiot Club. All us changed our signature, adding some references to “the last phrase” and The Mighty Two (Rich and abap_doctor) provided us, the Followers of the Light with a new brad symbol…

The symbol:

I think you know the rest of the history… well, not the rest, the continuation (this word exists?)… the future begun that day, our club is fated to rule the galaxy together like father and son… err… oops! It seems that Sith is not able tokeep his breezer silent…
Well, you know what I’m trying to say.

I wish it helps,
(Honorary Grand Historian of the Tuly Idiots’ Club)

P.S.: sfvenkitu’s last post is from Feb 2005, few days beyond The Beginning. As many other prophets, he did his work here (bring us the light of the knowledge) and disappeared rear the fog (some dirty tongues will tell you rear the smoke of his burning pire, but are wrong words). SAP will receive his nick.


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