Programming with XSteps: Introduction


Why I’m writing this

Did you tried to find information about SAP’s XSteps? From a programmer’s point of view? No? You are lucky. I did it. Up today (november 16, 2011) if you make a search in SAP’s forums ( you can find 42 posts with the word “XStep”. None was useful for my troubles. I had to learn from scratch, using the classical trial and error method.

Maybe you can save some time reading this. Maybe you don’t. But I will do if I need to re-start programming XSteps in the future.

Useful links

There are few places in the net where you can find information about XSteps. Maybe I shall update this list with more links. Trust me, I wish I will must do it. Up to now, I found useful only:

Recommended previous knowledge

Working with XSteps as a programmer means two SAP things: BAdI’s and programming objects. If you are not familiar with those terms, please refer to SAP ( and become familiar with them.


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